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Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate, here’s a factlet about the English language: 

The word female is not etymologically related to the word male.

Femele is first cited in 1350 in the OED, and although male was first cited around the same time it was written maal, masle, madle or mawl in Middle English. They came to English from completely different Middle French words, and have eventually converged in terms of pronunciation and spelling.

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    It’s no longer INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY but every day is a day to learn shit and be less of a misogynistic pissant. Yay...
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    But just for the record, we are still made from Adam’s rib. Just to be clear
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    It shows in the french language : mâle / femelle, masculin / féminin that clearly do not share the same root, and in the...
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