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Things we wish English had: A word for “the day after tomorrow”

Today I’m going on holiday and I’m very excited! Yesterday I could say “tomorrow I am going on holiday” which was also quite exciting! But Wednesday I had to say “the day after tomorrow I am going on holiday” which was a real mouthful!

Which is why I often wish English had that useful little word that meant “the day after tomorrow” - and while we’re here I’d also like to request “the day before yesterday.” Nepali has this - if it were Wednesday and I wanted to talk about Friday I could refer to it as “parsi” (lit. the day after tomorrow), and if I wanted to talk about Monday I’d say “asti” (lit. the day before yesterday). Just think, it reduces the necessary words by 75%.

Do you know other languages that have such useful words? I wonder if there are languages that have words for things like “this time next week” or “the day after the day after tomorrow?” They would also be quite excellent additions but let’s get the important things done first - I expect new words for the day after tomorrow and the day before yesterday when I get back in two weeks!

While I’m away Georgia will still be around, and I’ll be dredging up some old posts to share with you all!

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    This is two years old but oh well. There is a word, it’s called overmorrow.
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    In Japanese, there are words for this! :) 明後日 (asatte) means “the day after tomorrow.” 一昨日 (ototoi) means “the day...
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